A collaborative creative project

Sheffield is a city of contrasts. Famous for its steel industry but surrounded by beautiful countryside, it’s the UK’s 5th biggest city yet has the welcoming attitude of the ‘world’s largest village.’

How then, do you sum up a city that’s as richly diverse as this?

a view of Sheffield
a view of Sheffield
a view of Sheffield

To get under the skin of the real Sheffield, Über Agency created a snapshot of totally honest viewpoints from people the length and breadth of the city, by simply asking them: What’s your view of Sheffield?

We then invited Sheffield-based designers and artists to each select one of these viewpoints and interpret it in a style and medium of their choice.

This exhibition not only showcased the rich and varied design talent in Sheffield but we also hoped that it will help you to view the city in whole new ways.

Über are an award-winning ideas agency that create advertising and design across all platforms for clients such as tombola, The Perfume Shop, Topman, BAFTA and The University of Sheffield.

A big thank you to all the studios, artists, illustrators and students who got involved to make this exhibiton a huge success. Take a look at the work below.

The views of Sheffield